January 2021

Home4U has launched a new logo!

As an organization, we continue to grow and felt that a logo change was important to better represent our ethos.

This logo embodies a powerful concept. The structure of the home is supported by 4 pillars. Pillars are symbolically used across cultures and religions to illustrate stability and interconnectivity. Pillars give stability to a structure - whether that is a building, a sense of self or philosophical concept - but must remain connected to preserve stability as each pillar gives strength to the other.

Home4U is run by 4 teams: Trustees, Staff, Key Workers and Support Workers. Our organization relies on the dedication of all 4 groups to support residents.

Home4U's purpose hopes to instill 4 phenomena so that people can live hopeful, empowered, compassionate and dignified lives!

Take a closer look and notice that the structure is made up of H U 4. By keeping the U in the center, the designer has successfully captured that our residents remain at the heart of the work we do.

A huge thanks to Liam Prothero (iamfolio) for this wonderful design.

H4U Logo.png
H4U Logo-02 (1).png

March 2021

There is a new plan for immigration. This plan is controversial and we are especially concerned that anyone's claim for protection in the UK will be negatively impacted if they arrive 'illegally'. Legal options are not available and if they were, people would not make dangerous boat journeys, hide in lorries or pay smugglers and agents. International Refugee Law makes clear that anyone who needs to has the right to enter and claim asylum in a safe country.

We are members of NACCOM, no accommodation network. Please visit their website and look at the statement in response to the new immigration plan:

"We must uphold the right of people to seek protection here" - Our statement in response to the New Plan for Immigration - NACCOM

H4U Logo-02 (1).png

February 2021

It is a wonderful pleasure to announce that we have a new one-bed flat, bringing our total number of properties to 4! Having a one-bed flat means that we can safely accommodate women and people with complex needs. Sharing a flat can be hard for anyone, but we work hard to match people to live together in our other properties, this one-bed flat gives us more flexibility to provide accommodation.

We had a tremendous amount of support from Good Gym, who help us paint properties. We received so many furniture donations and were able to furnish the house to give it a homely feel!

Of course, our volunteer team helped us too!

Thanks to everyone who helped on this project!

Hs5 1.jpeg
H4U Logo-02 (1).png

March 2021

Thanks to the VSO group who fundraised £700 so that we were able to install a carpet into one of our properties. Before the carpet fitting, the worn wooden flooring was not suitable and did not provide warmth nor comfort. 

Now, the property looks much better!

H4U Logo-02 (1).png

A Generous Donation.

April 2021

A family in Cardiff recently lost both parents in one week, and had to ensure that their council house was cleared for a new tenant. Not only did they give their parents’ bedding, all in good condition, to Home4 U , which can be used in our next property, they also bought new bedding as well  ‘in memory of their parents’. This gesture is so generous and deeply appreciated. The family wish to be anonymous, but this sort of support is what makes Home4U possible. A big thank you to this family.

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