Home4U welcomes and empowers people seeking asylum 

who are now without any means of support 

and are not permitted to work.


Temporary accommodation with Home4U 

provides respite from destitution

 and can restore health and well-being, dignity and hope. 

It encourages individuals to explore the 

limited choices available to them. 


Helping to broaden public awareness of the situation

 about this relatively small group of migrants, 

Home4U will support other action,

 as well as Campaigns that challenge 

the issues creating this situation.


Our Impact


Facts about Asylum 


Support Campaigns led by Refugee Action

Find out about what Home4U does.

People who are seeking asylum face many negative stereotypes and myths. Find out the truth about asylum in the UK!

Refugee Action is a national organisation that advocates for Refugee and Asylum Seeker rights in the UK. Support their campaign efforts to help make the UK a safer and more welcoming place for all.

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