Home4U is a registered charity based in Cardiff that provides accommodation to people seeking asylum, who would otherwise face destitution and homelessness. Home4U largely relies on the commitment and dedication of volunteers supported by a small staff team, as well as the support of donations and funders. 

We believe that everyone should have a safe, clean and warm place to call home in the UK. At Home4U, we ensure that the properties provided to people are homely, and of a high standard. This will give a period of real respite and help to restore dignity.


'She had no home –

she had no place to meet,

 no place to talk,

she had no home –


She had a story of fear in her country

and then again


in mine –

and misery.


She had no home -

no house,

no room,

no place to sleep in safety.

She’s not allowed


And so she waits.


 She fears …

she has no life.'


A volunteer's reflection on first coming across destitution.

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Home4U has a small body of staff, with only 3 paid employees. Our Head of Service is responsible for the strategic vision and effective management of
Home4U. Our Placement Coordinator manages properties and placements and is key to the relationships with partners and funders. Our Management Assistant oversees our communication systems, media development and supports the day-to-day activities.

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Trustees are the guardians of Home4U's purpose. They make sure that the needs of beneficiaries are put first and Home4U's values and ethos are upheld. Trustees make decisions for the charity and offer their guidance and support to all other teams. They are responsible for the vision and strategic development of the Charity.

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Key Workers are a voluntary group who are each allocated to one resident. Key Workers offer individualized support by maintaining frequent communication, signposting, referring to services in Cardiff and helping  with the resident's general needs. Key Workers make a real difference because their efforts will empower people to take back agency in their lives.

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Our Support Group work innovatively to provide additional support to residents through holistic activity and fun events. The Support Group  provide support to

both to residents and to the organization, by helping to prepare properties and undertaking  fundraising activities.


Our Funders

We have a range of funders who support our projects. We are thankful for their support and the work they do.

They include:

NACCOM Guardian Grant

Hilden Charitable Fund

[National Lottery] Awards for All

Allen Lane Foundation

Martin Lewis Coronavirus Emergency Fund

Albert Gubay Charitable Foundation

Respond and Adapt Programme (Refugee Action)


Welsh Government

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