Our Impact

We might be small, but we make a difference to individual lives and that counts for a big impact!

"I have learned there is always light after the darkness. I have improved my mental health during [the time] I was in your hands. Words cannot describe how I feel in your kindness."

-M. Former Home4U resident.

We believe in a sense of home and a sense of belonging.

We believe in hope, dignity and kindness.
We make all those things happen.

Colourful Terraced Houses
Home4U has helped 79 people out of destitution by providing accommodation
Colorful Facade
Of those we've helped, we know that 47 people now have permission to stay in the UK
Around 18 people are still waiting for a decision to be made. 2 have returned home

How We Make a Difference

Destitution occurs when a person's claim for protection is refused. Their accommodation and support, provided by the Home Office at this stage, ends within 21 days notice and they cannot access any kind of benefit. They are prohibited from working.


Home4U provides a period of respite from destitution in a safe and comfortable home. With the support of a small staff team and volunteers, our organisation aims to help people regain their dignity, empower them to take back autonomy, access professional help and make the best decisions possible for their future.   

We know that just under 60% of those who have been with us at Home4U now have permission to stay in the UK, possibly many more. 

Home4U plays a crucial role in the lives of those we support, whether their legal claim is eventually successful or not. Having a place to call home increases their self worth, makes them hopeful and more energized. During their stay with us, we empower residents to make advances with their legal claim and establish durable pathways out of destitution. 


Click here to see Sam Ivin's artistic take on the loss of self that occurs when people enter the asylum system - when people enter a state of limbo for months or years, The hand-scratched portraits convey the hopelessness that befalls people during their endless wait for a decision to be made about their future.

Where Dreaming is Important and Destitution Ends!

The strapline agreed for Home4U 'Where Dreaming is Important and Destitution Ends!' was created in 2021.

Home4U places value in providing a home - not just a shelter. We believe that the properties we provide should enable a space for dreams to be part of an individual's everyday life.


Many people who are seeking asylum have experienced trauma and the individuals who we accommodate have experienced destitution and resultant stress in the UK.  Consequently, many of our residents report that they struggle to sleep and have heightened levels of stress when they first move into our properties. Home4U works to make a positive impact on this common issue by providing a home where people can sleep soundly and safely, and by working closely with residents to rebuild their confidence so that they can dream of a brighter future, without fear of having no where to sleep.  

For the Home4U team and volunteers too, dreaming is important, as together with residents, they make plans for ever better solutions.

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