Donations help us to support people in Home4U accommodation by paying for rent, food, a small personal allowance, utility bills and other essentials. Residents are careful to help us to keep costs low. We thank anyone who offers their support! If you would like to support our residents, please click on 'Donate Today' and be directed to our Virgin Giving portal.



We believe in making a house a home. We do not merely give shelter, we wish to create a homely space for people to live in and feel a sense of belonging and safety. We furnish our properties with items that are kindly donated. If you would like to help us furnish properties and contribute to making a house a home, please get in touch via our Facebook page, or Cardiff and Vale Sanctuary Support Group.

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Home4U relies on the commitment and dedication of volunteers!

We have several volunteer opportunities such as helping with decorating and furnishing properties, practical and management support, and interpreting in diverse languages such as Farsi, Arabic, Kibajuni, Amharic and more!

Our Key Workers play a fundamental role in the individualized support of one allocated resident. Key workers will maintain contact with a resident, help them to navigate Cardiff and encourage them to engage in an empowering plan for the future.

If you would like to join our team, please contact either:


"Volunteering with Home4U is a wonderful opportunity. I learn from the residents and the team all the time and am grateful that my shared time genuinely helps a person."